The attendance of Directors who served between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013, at the Board meetings and principal Committees of which they were a member held during this period, is shown in the table below. The maximum number of meetings in the period during which the individual was a Board or Committee member is shown in brackets.

John McDonough CBE7 (7)4 (4)7 (7)2 (2)
Executive Directors
François Wanecq7 (7)
Chris O'Shea7 (7)
Non-executive Directors
Nelda Connors16 (6)3 (4)5 (6)1 (1)
Christer Gardell7 (7)-2 (2)
Jeff Hewitt7 (7)4 (4)7 (7)2 (2)
Jane Hinkley16 (7)4 (4)6 (7)1 (2)
Jan Oosterveld3 (3)1 (1)3 (3)1 (1)
John Sussens3 (3)1 (1)3 (3)1 (1)


  1. Jane Hinkley was unable to attend one day of meetings due to commitments made prior to joining the Board. As noted in the Remuneration Report, Nelda Connors was delayed in travelling on one occasion due to adverse weather conditions in the US.

To the extent that Directors are unable to attend scheduled meetings, or additional meetings called on short notice, they will receive the papers in advance and relay their comments to the Chairman for communication at the meeting. The Chairman will follow up after the meeting in relation to the decisions taken.