Our corporate values guide us in our everyday behaviour

Our five corporate values, aimed at directing our everyday behaviour at work, are as follows:


Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis for our competitive advantage. Creativity allows us to develop innovative solutions that generate value through performance enhancements and continuous improvements.


Encouraging internal and external cooperation is an effective tool which enables us to create unique solutions with our partners. Each Vesuvius employee is committed to the success of their community of colleagues and customers.


Our solutions involve us in critical aspects of our customers manufacturing processes. Our commitment to consistently deliver quality products and services gives them the level of confidence they require.


At the heart of our promise lies the trustworthiness of all Vesuvius employees in their acts and words. Integrity, honesty and transparency are essential in all our exchanges.

Embracing Diversity

Vesuvius is a global company built upon a true respect for local customs and experience. We recognise and embrace the potential for creativity that comes from the coexistence of so many different cultures.

The best examples of how our employees demonstrate our values are celebrated once a year during the Living The Values ("LTV") Awards ceremony.

Vesuvius LTV Awards

During the year, every employee can nominate another employee or team to recognise exemplary working behaviour in line with our values. In 2013, over 107 nominations were received. These were reviewed by a selection committee and the best selected for recognition at our LTV Awards ceremony. Seventeen awards were made in 2013, bringing together employees from all geographies of our business to celebrate the Vesuvius values.

Vesuvius -2013-LTV-Awards

Winners at the Vesuvius 2013 LTV Awards

2nd Annual Vesuvius Mexico Values Drawing Contest

The winning drawings made by the children during the 2nd Annual Vesuvius Mexico Values Drawing Contest